Apr. 29th, 2017

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Snaffled from nineveh_uk

the character I least understand
Bryan following Mercy into Exile. She left you and her whole life behind when she went to Exile, dude. There was no forwarded message for you.

interactions I enjoyed the most
Aiken constant snark towards Marc – talk about the Connecticut Yankee facing off with the dark Merlin!

the character who scares me the most

the character who is mostly like me
Uncle Rogi – I love books and I’ve been a librarian. Running my own sci-fi / fantasy bookshop with obligatory cat (that I wasn’t allergic to) would be wonderful.

hottest looks character
Marc, post-college.

one thing I dislike about my fave character
Uncle Rogi hiding in the bottle when things got tough. Although I can’t blame him for doing so.

one thing I like about my hated character
I did laugh when Fury mistook AU / Marc for god (and I can just imagining the face-palming AU did afterwards).

a quote or scene that haunts me

Which ones to choose from? Amerie making the sign of the cross as a heart-broken Richard takes off in his spaceship with his dead love Martha always gets me.

a death that left me indifferent
Donatien’s death. What a douchebag. There’s the suggestion that he tried to haunt Rogi afterwards and possibly an annoyed AU told him to scram.

a character I wish died but didn’t

my ship that never sailed
Elizabeth / Creyn – they could have made such a team and he did love her.

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