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Name:Worlds of Julian May
Location:New Zealand
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:This is a discussion group for the books of Julian May, science fiction author
This is a community to discuss the works of Julian May, author of the Saga of the Exiles, the Galactic Milieu series, (some) Trillium books and the Boreal Moon trilogy.

NB: I will be assuming you've read all of the books, so there won't be any spoiler tags.

Link to Julian May Wiki

Link to TV production of 'The Exiles' (Saga of the Exiles)

Link to Fan art:

Link to Fan fiction

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aiken drum, aliens on earth, balor, black torc, black trillium, boreal moon, caledonia, castle gateway, castles, celtic, celtic history, celtic mythology, chalicotherium, chaliko, coercion, concilium orb, cool evil guys, creativity, cyndia muldowney, diamond mask, donatien remillard, duat, dynamic field theory, elizabeth orme, fallen angels, farsensing, felice landry, finiah, fir bolg, firvulag, flying dutchman, fomorians, fury, galactic milieu, geology, gi, golden torc, grand combat, gray torc, great intervention, guderian, guderian device, hibernia, human polity, hydra, intervention, jack remillard, jack the bodiless, julian may, kieran o'connor, krondaku, lensmen, living ships, lugh, lugonn, lylmik, madame guderian, magnificat, manannan, many-colored land, marc remillard, metabilities, metaconcert, metapsychic, metapsychic operants, metapsychic rebellion, metapsychics, metapsychology, milton, mindpowers, nonborn king, noosphere, operant, operants, orion arm, pallol, paradise lost, parapsychology, perseus spur, pliocene, pliocene exile, poltroy, poltroyans, portal fantasy, prehistory, psionic powers, psychic powers, psychics, psychocreativity, psychokinesis, ramapithecine, rampart worlds, redaction, remillard, remillard dynasty, rogatien remillard, roniah, sagittarius whorl, science fiction, scifi, sentient ships, silver torc, simbiari, sky trillium, surveillance, tanu, teilhard de chardin, telepathy, time gate, time portal, time travel, trillium, tuatha de danaan, uncle rogi, unity, victor remillard
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