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Galactic Milieu/Saga of the Exiles
  • Type 0: Normals. Uncle Rogi as he appears.
  • Type 1: Felice Landry before acquiring a torc. Most metapsychic operants, some latents, grey torcs, many silver torcs, chalikos, bear-dogs. The non-Remillard Hydra units.
  • Type 2: Most Tanu and Firvulag, some operants and silver torcs, Squishy Wizard masterclass operants and Grand Masters who only specialise in farsense. Most gold torcs. Remillard Dynasty members and senior associates.
  • Type 3: High ranking Firvulag (Sharn, Pallol, etc.), high ranking Tanu (Nodonn Battlemaster, Kuhal Earthshaker, etc.), some gold torcs (Mercy Rosmar, Gomez Nolan, especially Aiken Drum, and Felice in their early stages), Brede Shipspouse, some masterclass operants. Hydra as a unit, Grand Masters.
  • Type 4: Paramont Grandmasters, Fury, Marc Remillard, Jack the Bodiless, Diamond Mask, Elizabeth Orme, Aiken Drum at the start of Book 3 and ESPECIALLY late in Book 4, Lylmik, Living Ships.
  • Type 5: Exceptionally large metaconcerts. Marc Remillard in his x600 psycho-enhancing cryogenic suit, Marc Remillard as Atoning Unifex, Felice Landry at peak power. Uncle Rogi at peak output, only achieved a few times under extreme duress.
  • Type 7: The Cosmic All.

I snaffled the above from TV Tropes*  -

I think it's interesting how Uncle Rogi goes from Type 0 (normals) to Type 5 when under stress. To be honest, I think he should have been put in Type 1, as he did have some mindpowers he was able to access without having to be in a fight-or-flight state.

Marc has quite a few tropes applied to him at TV Tropes, most notably 'Magnificent B**stard', 'Well-Intentioned Extremist' and 'Evilutionary Biologist'. Brr.  It is pointed out that Aiken Drum is also a MB, but since Marc is older he's a bit more uh, experienced.

*TV Tropes is a friendly black hole disguised as a website that will suck you in, and you'll wonder where all those hours went.

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Snaffled from nineveh_uk

the character I least understand
Bryan following Mercy into Exile. She left you and her whole life behind when she went to Exile, dude. There was no forwarded message for you.

interactions I enjoyed the most
Aiken constant snark towards Marc – talk about the Connecticut Yankee facing off with the dark Merlin!

the character who scares me the most

the character who is mostly like me
Uncle Rogi – I love books and I’ve been a librarian. Running my own sci-fi / fantasy bookshop with obligatory cat (that I wasn’t allergic to) would be wonderful.

hottest looks character
Marc, post-college.

one thing I dislike about my fave character
Uncle Rogi hiding in the bottle when things got tough. Although I can’t blame him for doing so.

one thing I like about my hated character
I did laugh when Fury mistook AU / Marc for god (and I can just imagining the face-palming AU did afterwards).

a quote or scene that haunts me

Which ones to choose from? Amerie making the sign of the cross as a heart-broken Richard takes off in his spaceship with his dead love Martha always gets me.

a death that left me indifferent
Donatien’s death. What a douchebag. There’s the suggestion that he tried to haunt Rogi afterwards and possibly an annoyed AU told him to scram.

a character I wish died but didn’t

my ship that never sailed
Elizabeth / Creyn – they could have made such a team and he did love her.

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