May. 18th, 2017 05:16 pm
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Hello and welcome to torcs_and_timegates, a community for fans of Julian May, science-fiction author, and her worlds.

This is an interesting time for Julian May fans, with production by Nick Dudman underway to televise the Saga of the Exiles (as 'The Exiles'). Nick has been involved with the Harry Potter series, so I'm sure he'll bring a touch of magic to the Saga.

A bit about myself - I have been an Exiles / Milieu fan for 20 years (wow) and started reading 'The Many Coloured Land', the first in the series, not long after 'Magnificat', the last in the series, was published. I remember thinking that TMCL was a bit slow at the start, but then half way through it took off.

I ended up binge-reading the rest of the series from the library and then raced off to buy my own copies. Today they have pride of place on my bookshelf and I've had to replace a few over the years. The series was re-issued a few years ago and a few of my books are the new versions.

PS: This blog will assume you've read the whole Exiles / Saga series from cover to cover (possibly umpteen times like me), so there will be no spoiler warnings.

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