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As a Doctor Who fan I will be looking forward to the Christmas special and seeing Peter Capaldi for the last time (sniff). He was one of my favourite Doctors.

Sometimes I would look at Peter on the screen and think, thick curly grey hair (check), deep set grey eyes (check), dramatic eyebrows (check), charming smile - when it appeared (check). If he was taller and more muscular, he could have played Marc Remillard in the Exiles era.

My fantasy casting of Milieu-era Marc will always be Rufus Sewell as he appeared in 'A Knights Tale'. Especially when he was in full armour on horseback, looking badass with his black curly hair...
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I recently found some art that reminded me of the scene at the end of 'The Adversary' when Marc & Elizabeth finish their D-jumping...

The artist does lovely Lord of the Rings art as well. :)
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Galactic Milieu/Saga of the Exiles
  • Type 0: Normals. Uncle Rogi as he appears.
  • Type 1: Felice Landry before acquiring a torc. Most metapsychic operants, some latents, grey torcs, many silver torcs, chalikos, bear-dogs. The non-Remillard Hydra units.
  • Type 2: Most Tanu and Firvulag, some operants and silver torcs, Squishy Wizard masterclass operants and Grand Masters who only specialise in farsense. Most gold torcs. Remillard Dynasty members and senior associates.
  • Type 3: High ranking Firvulag (Sharn, Pallol, etc.), high ranking Tanu (Nodonn Battlemaster, Kuhal Earthshaker, etc.), some gold torcs (Mercy Rosmar, Gomez Nolan, especially Aiken Drum, and Felice in their early stages), Brede Shipspouse, some masterclass operants. Hydra as a unit, Grand Masters.
  • Type 4: Paramont Grandmasters, Fury, Marc Remillard, Jack the Bodiless, Diamond Mask, Elizabeth Orme, Aiken Drum at the start of Book 3 and ESPECIALLY late in Book 4, Lylmik, Living Ships.
  • Type 5: Exceptionally large metaconcerts. Marc Remillard in his x600 psycho-enhancing cryogenic suit, Marc Remillard as Atoning Unifex, Felice Landry at peak power. Uncle Rogi at peak output, only achieved a few times under extreme duress.
  • Type 7: The Cosmic All.

I snaffled the above from TV Tropes*  -

I think it's interesting how Uncle Rogi goes from Type 0 (normals) to Type 5 when under stress. To be honest, I think he should have been put in Type 1, as he did have some mindpowers he was able to access without having to be in a fight-or-flight state.

Marc has quite a few tropes applied to him at TV Tropes, most notably 'Magnificent B**stard', 'Well-Intentioned Extremist' and 'Evilutionary Biologist'. Brr.  It is pointed out that Aiken Drum is also a MB, but since Marc is older he's a bit more uh, experienced.

*TV Tropes is a friendly black hole disguised as a website that will suck you in, and you'll wonder where all those hours went.


May. 27th, 2017 04:46 pm
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I recently saw 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' which left me wishing yet again that I had my own spaceship that could play '70's rock and whatever else I felt like. I looked at my music and made my own list of 'Spaceship Music (To Play Really Loudly Going Past Something i.e. Mars)

All I Need is a Miracle           Mike and the Mechanics
Always on My Mind              Pet Shop Boys
Calling Elvis                          Dire Straits
Don’t Stop Me Now              Queen
Fastlove                                 George Michael
Goodness Gracious               Ellie Goulding
Good Times                          Jimmy Barnes
Help is on Its Way                 Little River Band
It’s My Life                            No Doubt
Maxine                                  Sharon O’Neill
Sowing the Seeds of Love     Tears for Fears
Sunset over Indus                  Eastern Grooves
Valerie                                  Steve Winwood

Since this is supposed to be a torcs_and_timegates post, I'll say how I like that music plays a part in the Exiles / Milieu universe. Notably, that when two telepaths connect their minds in a metaconcert, it creates music (mostly classical, it seems) based on the people. A good example is when Jack the Bodiless has a metaconcert with Diamond Mask, he remarks that their music sounds like Bach. He then says that when he's in a metaconcert with his brother Marc, it sounds Wagnerian (*which is not foreshadowing at all, of course).

Teresa Kendall, the mother of Marc and Jack, was an opera singer whose voice captivated Paul Remillard when he attended one of her concerts. Reading this in 'Jack the Bodiless' reminded me of 'Phantom of the Opera' when Raoul de Chagny hears Christine Daae for the first time at the Paris Opera. Like Paul, Raoul is from a good family. There is no third party to make it a angst-filled love triangle with falling chandeliers, but the angst comes later on from Paul being constantly unfaithful to Teresa, whose unhappiness affects her voice. She sang about tragic heroines in opera, and it could be argued she became one herself.

You could say a Phantom of the Opera makes an appearance... for a moment Uncle Rogi sees Marc / AU gently kiss his mother goodbye on her deathbed (I'm not crying, you are).

* Wagner has quite a bit of 'It All Ends in Fire!1!' music

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